My First National Cover

I don’t mean this to sound boastful – really; I don’t – but my career has given me some pretty cool opportunities. I’ve interviewed well-known people, been on TV and radio, written a children’s book, styled a cover shoot for Miss Universe, etc. Pretty cool, right? So you’d think I’d be all ‘been there/done that’ at this… Read more »

On Ad Salespeople & Yahoo

For the record, I used to sell advertising. It is a tough, thankless job and people feel shockingly free to treat you with a complete lack of respect (FYI: It’s also pretty damned lucrative; they’re not in it for the glory). As a former magazine editor, I worked with advertising salespeople and did everything within… Read more »

Get the Picture?

Maybe I’m a little OCD on this point. Whatever. I honestly don’t care if you’re the greatest designer or florist or chef or whatever in the world; if you don’t have an endless stream of decent images, there’s really not much I can do to help with your social media marketing and content marketing. This isn’t just… Read more »