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The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.Tom Fishburne

Who, you may ask, is Tom Fishburne? No worries; we had to Google him too. He’s a Harvard-educated marketing professional who runs “marketoonist” – a cartoon-based marketing blog. While he may not be Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, we like the quote and it’s a fairly apt description of what we do.

Kain DeFoe Communications creates comprehensive marketing strategies for small to mid-sized businesses in Southern New England including Boston and the South Shore, Cape Cod and throughout Rhode Island. We specialize in:

‘Content marketing’ is a term that gets tossed around a lot these days, as does ‘social media marketing.’ When you get past all of the gobbledygook, what this all boils down to is providing relevant, useful information and engaging your customers – and potential customers – and allowing people to get to know you and trust you. If consumers feel that they know and trust you, when they’re ready to buy, they’ll buy from you.

In other words, “…marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing.”

With everyone from baby boomers – ‘Don’t you dare tell me what I want’ – to millennials – ‘What I want is really all that matters’ – walking around with a computer in their hand 24/7, effectively reaching consumers is a nonstop, ever-evolving process. One thing that has become abundantly clear is that creating a concept or product and simply saying, “Hey, buy my stuff!” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So we write stories about our clients that run in magazines, and on websites and blogs. And we “get social” for our clients by creating targeted, results-driven campaigns which employ facts and photos, along with humor and personality so it “doesn’t feel like marketing.” And we take photos – lots and lots of photos – because if you’re not showing the world your brilliant concept, it will be forever yours and yours alone.

Building Buzz. Building Business.

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