10.24.2103: My Cheese is Moving .

I started a business. Of course the first thing I had to do was actually market myself. Luckily I read Who Moved My Cheese all those years ago. Had I not, I might not have listened to the younger, dare I say wiser, people at Lighthouse Media Solutions. I knew from the get-go that a website was critical. I also knew I had to be active on Facebook. What the younger, wiser people clued me into was paid Facebook stuff (yes, it works…really well) and Constant Contact (yes, it works…really well). 

It’s been two weeks since I started marketing myself via eBlast, Facebook and, wait for it, snail-mailing letters and business announcements. And the shocking thing? The response from snail mail has been pretty much equal to the response from digital methods. My point? Stay on top of the new. And don’t forget the old.