Content Marketing

While every marketing firm and “influencer” in the world has written endless white papers on content marketing, it can still leave people asking what exactly it is. We’ll save the white paper for another time and offer a quick synopsis instead.

Content marketing is providing useful content to your market in an effort to try and establish you and your business as experts in your field. Provide information that people need, and enjoy reading, and they’ll keep returning to your website and social media platforms again and again. What it’s not about is constantly saying ‘Buy my stuff.’

What’s the point? When they’re ready to buy, your business will be at the top of their mind.

Kain DeFoe Communications provides content marketing to businesses on Cape Cod and throughout Southern New England. If you work in the wedding industry, we showcase your own work in addition to curating exquisite wedding-related content to share on your social media platforms. If you’re an interior designer, we work with you in providing design tips. If you own an apparel store, we make it apparent that you are the most fashionable fashionista ever by sharing info about your own products as well as weighing in on trends.

You get the idea.