Graphic Design

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.Coco Chanel

Kain DeFoe Communications started out in 2013 as a Cape Cod social media marketing and web writing agency. Tired of constantly begging clients for fresh photos, Jen bought a camera. After much trial and error, Jen was confident enough in her skills to begin offering photography to clients. Our foray into establishing ourselves as a Cape Cod graphic design firm had a similarly inauspicious start.

A client had a very specific vision in mind for a book they wanted to create to promote their architecture firm. Nothing found online met the client’s needs. After speaking with a graphic designer on Cape Cod (actually, it was more like three), Jen wasn’t able to come up with anyone who was able to fulfill our client’s vision and/or do so within the prescribed budget. So she taught herself how to use InDesign.

There was a period of “two steps forward, one step back” as Jen worked on her first project, the aforementioned book for the architecture firm. But with a patient client, and the wealth of online tutorials available, the project was eventually completed. And it was exactly what our client had envisioned.

That was several years ago. Will Jen’s graphic design work ever win awards? Maybe. Is her graphic design work clean, uncluttered and visually impactful? Without question. It is also completed on-time and on-budget. What more do you need?

$70 per hour