Kain DeFoe Communications offers both web writing and just plain old writing and, yes, there is a difference.

Content written for a website needs to describe your business while providing effective search engine optimization. It also needs to be well written – grammar matters – and read well. If the words on your website make people’s eyes glaze over, no one will read what you have to say about your business.

‘Just plain old writing’ just needs to read well; it needs to flow, to paint a picture. It also needs to be grammatically correct.

In these days of blogging and influencing, offering well-written prose is a great way of marketing. No waxing poetic about your business; no focusing on keywords and key phrases; just writing.

Prior to founding Kain DeFoe Communications in 2013, Jennifer Kain DeFoe was the editorial and content director for Lighthouse Media Solutions. In addition to overseeing nine publications and a team of eight editors, Jen wrote…all the time. She wrote about travel and restaurants, homes and weddings, and business and building. She still writes…all the time.

Make your words matter by allowing us to write them for you.