7.14.2014: I made a marketing faux pas!

Realistically, the reason Kain DeFoe Communications exists is because business owners are too busy doing business to keep up on the marketing and social media updates they know they need to do. So I take care of it for them. You’d think that someone who is constantly harping about the importance of marketing and social media would realize when their own efforts are falling behind. And I did realize that…to a point. Business is booming and I’ve been so busy working that I’ve neglected posting and blogging for Kain DeFoe Communications. It took my husband to say ‘You haven’t updated your blog since the middle of May’ to make me pause and take the weekend to think and make some decisions.

I’d been going back and forth about renting office space. But the reality is that I rarely need an office. I’ve been working from home for years and know how to stay productive. My home also happens to be on Main Street and in a mixed-use neighborhood. And I have an office with a private entrance that’s separate from the rest of my home. And it has an attached bathroom. And ugly furniture. So I ordered this furniture set online yesterday (stay tuned for the before and after photos). Since I’ve decided not to spend money on renting an office – at least for now –  I’ll channel that budget toward some administrative help. I’ve already posted an ad on CraigsList and have several viable resumes.