My First National Cover

I don’t mean this to sound boastful – really; I don’t – but my career has given me some pretty cool opportunities. I’ve interviewed well-known people, been on TV and radio, written a children’s book, styled a cover shoot for Miss Universe, etc. Pretty cool, right? So you’d think I’d be all ‘been there/done that’ at this point. So, so not the case.

Styling photo shoots is very rewarding work for me. Whether it’s a fashion shoot or a home shoot, I enjoy envisioning what will work on a certain person or in a particular space and how it will translate for the camera and then onto the page. I’ve styled more shoots than I can count; at least 100. I styled a shoot for Coastal Living in August of 2014. The home, in Cape Elizabeth, ME, was slated to run in the April or May edition; possibly as the cover. The months went by. I checked each edition as it arrived in the mail. No Cape Elizabeth house. Until…

I grabbed the mail out of the box on a recent Saturday morning and there it was; “my” house on the cover of Coastal Living. In the dorkiest move ever, I started jumping up and down. Picture a kid playing airplane – running and flapping their arms around – and you’ll have fairly accurate vision of my reaction to having my work featured on the cover of a national magazine. Pretty dorky, right?

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