Smart Social Media Strategies for Seasonal Lodging

Social media marketing can get tricky for seasonal businesses, and this is especially true for those who specialize in lodging on Cape Cod. For these seasonal operations, including KDC clients Kalmar Village in Truro and Seadar Inn by the Sea in Harwich, it’s important to strategize throughout the year to ensure a successful season when the tourists return to the Cape. Here are a few ways we make sure our seasonal clients are making the most of social media:

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Kalmar Village

Stay Online

Because many people plan their summer vacations in mid-winter, it’s important to stay active on social media even when your business is closed for the season. Make sure your potential customers can find and interact with you on social media when they’re booking ahead; a sparse Facebook page could turn them off.

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Kalmar Village

Help Your Visitors Plan

To get people to come back to your page after initially checking it out, offer information that will help them plan their trip. Seadar Inn’s site mentions proximity to the beach and downtown Harwich Port, while Kalmar Village’s Things to Do page provides in-depth information about Truro and Provincetown dining and activities. Posting about attractions and restaurants near your inn or hotel not only keeps visitors coming to your page, it also boosts credibility, establishing you and your team as experts with a wealth of insider information.

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Seadar Inn by the Sea

Avoid Over-Selling

Don’t oversaturate your social media accounts with ‘Come stay with us’ posts. Strike a balance: we recommend three destination-specific posts to every one post focusing on the lodging you offer.

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Seadar Inn by the Sea

Be Specific

Finally, sell with specifics. Curate your posts to emphasize what makes your property stand out, whether it’s proximity to the water, impressive amenities, an accessible in-town location, or the overall seaside charm Cape visitors are looking for.

Practice smart marketing throughout the year for a big return when summer hits.