Brands Marketing the Right Way Right Now

by Brittany McSorley


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This isn’t the easiest time to work in social media marketing. With the whole world focused on a challenging new reality, a business-as-usual marketing strategy isn’t going to cut it. There are many examples of the wrong way to approach social media marketing during the COVID-19 crisis. Fortunately, there are also plenty of positive role models when it comes to navigating the new normal. Here are just a few brands that we think are doing a great job with their social media marketing right now. Watch and learn:


Dunkin’: Everyone’s favorite coffee chain has remained open, because what’s more essential than caffeine? Dunkin’ has been using its Instagram account to spread some positivity, including highlighting the heroes who are probably drinking more coffee than ever these days. The brand also celebrated Nurses Week by offering free cups of joe to those working so hard for us.


Anheuser Busch: For many, beer is just as important as coffee right now. Anheuser Busch jumped into action in the early days of the coronavirus crisis by using its factories to manufacture hand sanitizer, then using social media to publicize the contribution instead of hocking its wares. Vodka brand Tito’s took a similar approach.


Miller Lite: Recognizing its role in an industry that nearly came to a complete halt thanks to COVID-19, Miller Lite created a #VirtualTipJar to provide financial relief to newly unemployed bartenders.


Chiquita: The Chiquita brand is making room on its Instagram page for messages of hope and happiness. It’s bananas.


Netflix: Unlike most other industries, streaming services are definitely not suffering right now. We’re all spending a lot more time in front of the TV, and Netflix is sharing the love on Twitter by retweeting reactions to new shows and movies, reminding us that we’re all bingeing together.


Walgreens: Rather than shying away from the harsh realities of the pandemic, Walgreens took a head-on approach. The brand’s “Ask a Pharmacist” YouTube videos have pivoted to address the questions many have about the virus.


IKEA: After shutting down stores all over the world, IKEA released a gorgeous short ad for both Spanish- and English-speaking customers about the comforts of home. It sells a product and sends a message in a perfectly palatable way.


Guinness: The brewing giant made the loss of a typical St. Patrick’s Day a little less heartbreaking with a lovely message about tradition and togetherness.


JetBlue: With nobody buying plane tickets anytime soon, JetBlue could have halted its marketing for the time being. Instead, the company began a “Healthcare Hero” campaign, asking customers to nominate healthcare workers for a chance to win a free trip when this is all behind us.


Kleenex: Finally, your go-to tissue brand is helping everyone embrace their feelings during this time, offering a free subscription to the Calm app for three months.


We hope these examples inspire you as you navigate this unfamiliar marketing territory. When in doubt, choose kindness. We’re all in this together.