A Blog Post About the Importance of Blogging

blog post writing

Blogging is booming. When I first started Kain DeFoe Communications in October of 2103, it was just me – I’m Jennifer Kain DeFoe – and I wrote a total of one blog post a month for my clients. That might actually be an exaggeration; it was more like six a year.

Fast forward nearly four years and our – yes, we’re an “our” now with several employees – social media marketing company on Cape Cod writes 50+ blog posts per month. While I’d like to attribute our booming blogging business to “we’re just that good,” the increase is more about how marketing is now approached and changes in Google’s algorithms.

Marketing is no longer about buying an ad in a publication and waiting for the phone to ring. It’s about engaging potential consumers on a regular basis by maintaining a content-rich, constantly-updated website, a.k.a content marketing.

In its simplest form, content marketing is providing useful information to consumers. By writing about what you do, which I’m doing right now, you’re establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Take this approach, rather than constantly saying “Buy my stuff!” and people will want to read what you have to say on a consistent basis; they’ll keep coming back to your website and, when they’re ready to buy whatever is you sell, they’ll think of you first.

Providing useful info on a regular basis also makes Google happy. With roughly two-thirds of internet searches done through Google, making their crawlers – the things that constantly search the web looking for good stuff – happy is extremely important. And what Google’s crawlers deem “good stuff” is new, relevant information…like the blog post you’re (hopefully) reading right now.

If you’re thinking ‘but I don’t know what to say,’ stop overthinking it. Yes, you do.

When meeting with a potential new client, don’t you know exactly what to say; how to talk about the services you provide? Just say that in writing. No need to sound overly formal or stuffy. That’s boring. And somewhat pedantic.

The one you thing you do need to “say” in a blog post that you might not offer in an actual conversation is a brief description of your line of work. Note the bold words in my second paragraph, “social media marketing company on Cape Cod.” That is the service provided by Kain DeFoe Communications. It tells Google’s crawlers what kind of business we are.

Again, don’t overthink it. Just get it out, i.e.; “As an interior designer in Boston, we’re constantly asked how to…” and then write about your topic. You’ve told Google who are without sounding too ham-fisted.

Now go write a blog post.

Looking for more info? Consider it found.

BTW: If you noticed that this our first blog post in six months, it’s because we’ve been too busy writing for our clients. It’s a lame excuse, but…