Threads: What You Need To Know

by Brittany McSorley

Social media marketing breaking news! There’s a new platform in town. Yes, again. Yes, I’m feeling overwhelmed too. Yes, my eyes are stunning. Thank you for noticing.

No, but seriously, this Threads thing is a big deal. Here’s the 411.


What is Threads?

An Instagram app that launched on July 5 and really took off. We’re talking 30-million-downloads-in-the-first-16-hours took off. Users can sign up from their Instagram accounts. According to NBC News, this is the deal with Threads:

“The app opens up to a scrollable feed of short-form text limited to 500 characters a post, with the ability to add individual or carousel photos and videos. Posts will include content from accounts users follow, as well as from creators suggested by the platform’s recommendation algorithm.”

Sound familiar?

Here’s an image of the Threads user interface:

Look familiar?

Yeah, it’s Twitter. Threads is Twitter. Or, more charitably, it’s an alternative to Twitter, which has been having some problems since Elon Musk took over as CEO and started making questionable changes, the most recent of which blocks you from seeing tweets unless you have a Twitter account yourself.


Why is Threads different than Twitter?

Girl, it is simply not. Threads users can like, comment, quote, and repost content on their feeds. SOUND FAMILIAR? To be fair, you can also share Threads content to your Instagram account. There, that’s one difference.


Will it kill Twitter?

Maybe! Possibly! Musk, who has been Twitter’s CEO since October, is threatening legal action against Meta. Can I just tell you something? When a rich creep with no capacity for empathy is upset, I just find it so darling. It puts a real pep in my step. As Gen Z would say, it’s giving comeuppance. (Gen Z probably wouldn’t say that, actually, but I’m trying.)

Now for the most important question:


Should we care?

On the one hand, it’s tough to get behind Mark Zuckerberg making more money, because 1) he has more than enough, and 2) he’s very unsettling to look at. Mark, if you’re reading this, please blink more. You’re making people uncomfortable.

On the other hand, those who brushed off TikTok as a passing fad with little marketing potential were so, so wrong. We never know what the next big thing will be, so I say we should cautiously care about Threads. If you love Twitter, for personal or marketing use, but you’re not a fan of recent developments on the platform — *side-eye* — Threads seems like a great alternative, at least for now.

Featured photo via Sky News