New Year’s Marketing Resolutions for Small Businesses

cape cod social media marketingby Brittany McSorley


Well, we made it to 2021. The first few weeks of a new year are a great time for social media marketers to evaluate their strategy, set goals, and experiment with new approaches. Make sure you’re off to the best start this year by focusing on these marketing resolutions.


Timing is everything: Keep your followers engaged by making sure you post when they’re most likely to see your content. Many marketing experts, like those at Social Media Today, have gathered data about when, in general, people are most likely to be online. You can also use each platform’s insight tools to determine the best time for you to connect with your specific audience.


Branch out: Now is excellent time to try marketing on a new platform (or two). If you’ve mastered your strategy on Facebook and Instagram, you can apply those skills to YouTube, TikTok, Nextdoor… the list goes on and on.


Let your followers contribute: The smartest marketers spent 2020 engaging even more with their followers than usual. One of the best ways to do so is by encouraging user-generated content. Sharing reviews or video testimonials from your existing customers is an excellent method for building trust with new ones.


Lean into video: The idea of creating video content to share online can be intimidating, but video far outpaces photos when it comes to follower engagement. If Gen-Z favorite TikTok isn’t your style, you can still make the most of video marketing with the Reels feature on Instagram.


Go live: In a similar vein, broadcasting live video content is another sure-fire way to boost engagement. Think product tutorials, behind-the-scenes material, personal introductions of your beloved employees, or trivia events. Just get yourself in front of the camera!


Don’t slack on SEO: Search engine optimization is the foundation of online marketing, but in 2021 this strategy will matter much more on Instagram, where users can now search for content using words and phrases, not just hashtags. So make sure you’re Instagram posts are just as SEO-friendly as Facebook or blog content!


Keep your followers informed: Unfortunately, the end of 2020 did not bring an end to the pandemic, so make sure you continue to provide coronavirus updates to your followers, keeping them up to date on how your business is handling this challenging time.


Be kind: Above all, set an example online for being good to each other. 2020 was hard. Let’s do all we can to make 2021 easier.