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5 Years of KDC: Launch Mode

Gotta love Facebook Memories. The sometimes-stalker-ish function reminded me a couple of days ago, on September 26th, that on that day in 2013, I had wrapped up my tenure as the editorial and content director at Lighthouse Media Solutions. A full-day meeting at the Boston Harbor Hotel with the entire editorial staff ended with the… Read more »

5 Years of KDC: So I Wanted to Start a Business

With the fifth anniversary of launching my social media marketing business on Cape Cod, I’m finding myself feeling extremely grateful and surprisingly thoughtful. The decision to leave my position as the editorial and content director for Lighthouse Media Solutions wasn’t easy. It was a cool job, one which I truly loved. So why did I… Read more »

Get the Picture?

Maybe I’m a little OCD on this point. Whatever. I honestly don’t care if you’re the greatest designer or florist or chef or whatever in the world; if you don’t have an endless stream of decent images, there’s really not much I can do to help with your social media marketing and content marketing. This isn’t just… Read more »

One year. One week. One day.

10.15.2014: I survived my first year in business! My official first anniversary was on October 7th. That was the day I started marketing Kain DeFoe Communications. I mailed out business announcements on a Thursday afternoon and I got my first call the following Saturday morning. Pretty good, huh? But I’d know that business owner for 30 years. If… Read more »

12.15.2013: Clooney vs. Levine. Please.

Adam Levine is the “sexiest man alive”? Really, People? you’re killing me. Let’s compare the 1997 winner of the highly-coveted (ahem) title, George Clooney, with the newly anointed Adam Levine. As the pics from early on in their careers clearly show, Clooney has style. Levine has a stylist. Clooney is the recipient of three Golden Globes and two Oscars honoring his… Read more »

9.30.2103: I’m obsessed with this image.

This image, by the ever-talented Carla Ten Eyck, is one of my all-time faves in my entire career. It’s from the fashion shoot for the 2012 edition of Southern New England Living. We were shooting at the Boston Design Center. Gorgeous model – check. Great outfit from Puritan Cape Cod – check. But I felt we needed something… Read more »

The Anniversary: Beautiful. Determined. Scrappy. Unified.

I posted today on my biz Facebook page about the personal social-media-related aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings. But there a hell of a lot more going on for me, and everyone, in the days that followed that horrid, disgusting day. I was in the car and heard the first inklings of the devastation on… Read more »

Let’s Play Calvinball

No, the beloved Calvin and Hobbes aren’t running toward the kid’s book. I guess I sort of am. I was a big fan of the now-defunct Calvin and Hobbes comic strip and often felt like my life was in fact a game of Calvinball (making up the rules as you go). I had a plan… Read more »