Marketing Inspo: Memorable Holiday Commercials

cape cod marketing agencyby Brittany McSorley


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! You know, the time of year when we add a few newcomers to our list of favorite holiday ads. Cape Cod social media marketing takes on a new life during this special season, so here are some 2020 favorites to inspire your own festive strategy:


Amazon: “Spend Less Smile More – Tessa”


The ad: This snappy 15-second spot features a woman who actually finished her holiday shopping ahead of schedule, leaving her free to enjoy the rest of the season… and force that enjoyment on her family.

Why it works: This ad is short and sweet, it reminds the viewer of how easy it is to shop on Amazon, and it’s aspirational, painting a picture of the holiday season you could have if you followed suit.


Kohl’s: “Give With All Your Heart”


The ad: A young girl strikes up a friendship with her next-door neighbor and gets a wonderful Christmas gift.

Why it works: Marketing is actually about people, not products, and that’s very clear in this ad.


Sainsbury’s: “Gravy Song”


The ad: The first in a three-part series, this British supermarket ad features a sweet phone call between family members, played over home video footage of cozy Christmas celebrations.

Why it works: Glitzy holiday commercials can be very appealing, but this dressed-down version is a reminder that food and family are at the heart of this season. Watching this ad is like watching your own home movies.


Coca-Cola: “Christmas Commercial 2020”


The ad: A father goes to the ends of the earth to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa.

Why it works: This ad combines an incredibly compelling story with a heartwarming emphasis on family. Plus, Coca-Cola is so popular now that you hardly even need to see the product for the commercial to pack a punch.


Amazon: “The show must go on”


The ad: We follow an aspiring ballerina as the pandemic poses challenges to her life and her art.

Why it works: This year has been difficult, to say the least. This commercial acknowledges that reality while emphasizing the fortitude and grace people have shown as a result. It’s impossible not to connect with the message.


One small disclaimer before you get back to your own holiday marketing: We definitely like these new commercials, but the inimitable Hershey’s Kisses ad is still number one in our hearts.