If Everyone Told the Truth on the Internet

cape cod social media marketing

by Brittany McSorley

Social media marketing on Cape Cod is all about telling the truth. A key aspect of small business success is maintaining transparency and trustworthiness, both in person and online.


Most businesses tell the truth on the internet. The same cannot be said of individuals. Can you imagine if everything we saw on social media was honest? I can. I have. Here are some examples of my wishful thinking:


“The beautiful, effortless selfie you see here was carefully selected from the 64 photos I took to capture that carefree vibe I needed. I am also now convinced that my left eye is a little smaller than my right.”


“I am checking into this restaurant, tagging my spouse, and captioning ‘Date night!’ even though we had a huge argument in the car on the way here. They are passive aggressively eating breadsticks as I type this post.”


“I retweet NPR several times a day, but I am violently opposed to reusable shopping bags. This is my dark truth.”


“This Instagram story, in which I look cool and unbothered, is intended for one person who recently wronged me but whom I still desperately love. No matter how many other people watch it, if my intended target does not see it before the 24 hours are up, I will be inconsolable.”


“I’ve been told TikTok is not for me, but I am here on TikTok anyway because I believe that I belong in every space. Please watch my TikTok about music or something. I am important.”


“Please read this article that perfectly sums up my own feelings on a controversial political topic. I only skimmed the first paragraph, but I am more than willing to set our friendship on fire defending it. I am begging you to engage with me on this.”


“Look at my kids. Look, my kids! I have kidsssssss. LOOK AT MY KIDS.”


“You may have noticed I never post anything, but trust me, I am here on Facebook. I will always be here. Lurking. Forever lurking.”


Photo by Kerde Severin from Pexels