My First National Cover

I don’t mean this to sound boastful – really; I don’t – but my career has given me some pretty cool opportunities. I’ve interviewed well-known people, been on TV and radio, written a children’s book, styled a cover shoot for Miss Universe, etc. Pretty cool, right? So you’d think I’d be all ‘been there/done that’ at this… Read more »

On Ad Salespeople & Yahoo

For the record, I used to sell advertising. It is a tough, thankless job and people feel shockingly free to treat you with a complete lack of respect (FYI: It’s also pretty damned lucrative; they’re not in it for the glory). As a former magazine editor, I worked with advertising salespeople and did everything within… Read more »

Get the Picture?

Maybe I’m a little OCD on this point. Whatever. I honestly don’t care if you’re the greatest designer or florist or chef or whatever in the world; if you don’t have an endless stream of decent images, there’s really not much I can do to help with your social media marketing and content marketing. This isn’t just… Read more »

One year. One week. One day.

10.15.2014: I survived my first year in business! My official first anniversary was on October 7th. That was the day I started marketing Kain DeFoe Communications. I mailed out business announcements on a Thursday afternoon and I got my first call the following Saturday morning. Pretty good, huh? But I’d know that business owner for 30 years. If… Read more »

8.27.2014: I’m feeling so grown up.

I’m switching my random musings over to WordPress because posting with Go Daddy’s website builder is a pain in the butt. Pardon me if you’re rereading stuff.  I posted last month about the need to hire some help and renovate a hideous man cave to create a home office. I’ve done both! Meet Gemma Leghorn…. Read more »

7.14.2014: I made a marketing faux pas!

Realistically, the reason Kain DeFoe Communications exists is because business owners are too busy doing business to keep up on the marketing and social media updates they know they need to do. So I take care of it for them. You’d think that someone who is constantly harping about the importance of marketing and social media would realize when their own… Read more »