Hashtags 101: If Social Media Marketing Were a College Major

by Brittany McSorley

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As Cape Cod social media marketing experts, we here at KDC have to keep up with the ever-evolving marketing world to stay at the top of our game. This involves lots of research to make sure we understand the latest trends, stay fluent in digital marketing languages, and remain adaptable for whatever’s on the horizon. Plus breaks for snacks.


It’s not easy, but wouldn’t it be cool if it were? Several colleges are now offering classes in social media marketing, and maybe even degree programs in the near future. That’s right; you’ll soon be able to major in Instagram with a concentration in hashtags. You should definitely get started on your applications, but for now, you can peruse this list I’ve assembled of the classes I’d recommend as a professor of social media marketing:


Intro to Platforms: How many social media platforms do you need to be familiar with to market properly? It’s literally impossible to calculate. But this class will help you learn the basics of the big three: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. LinkedIn and Snapchat research projects will occasionally be thrown in for extra credit.


Hashtag Fluency I: This is a required first-semester course dedicated to the shifting nature of hashtags as they ceaselessly saturate social media. Hashtags are here to stay, so you better get comfortable


Hashtag Fluency II: In this course, you must unlearn everything from last semester because it’s no longer practical for engagement. Hashtags are on their death bed, so you better get over it.


Twitter and Foreign Policy: This lecture meets for three minutes on the first day of term. A responsible adult tells you to never use Twitter for anything related to foreign policy, you agree because that makes perfect sense, then everyone goes home.


Facebook Updates: This weekly seminar is offered every semester, because those nerds are always cooking something up over there.


Content Curation 101: This practical lab course shows you how to scroll through endless content and hand-select the articles and images that your followers would most appreciate you sharing. It’s trickier than it sounds.


Automation Adaptation: This is a crossover course with the engineering department. As is true of most industries, in social media, automation is growing, and marketing techniques are evolving to reflect that. Cozy up to the robots now, because they’re not going anywhere.


Intro to Meme Literacy: The children love the memes. I love the memes. Get on board with the memes! This class explains the coy mistress of the social media world. Well, it tries to. Look, if you don’t get it, you don’t get it. The class won’t help. Try Intro to Theatre. I heard it’s weird.


Video Integration Techniques: Video content is no longer optional, as evidenced by YouTube’s scary-massive numbers. This class will explain how to incorporate video into your marketing efforts without accidentally live-streaming an important meeting or something.


Study hard, everyone, and keep the keg stands to a minimum.