Nice to Tweet You: People Who Are Great at Twitter

by Brittany McSorley

cape cod social media marketing

Cape Cod social media marketing requires an understanding of every social platform: the giants like Instagram and Facebook, even newcomers like TikTok. In our travels, we’ve found that Twitter has always been a special part of the social media landscape. It hasn’t seen massive growth in a while, but those who like Twitter really like it. The platform has a loyal following that has stayed true throughout years of new players coming to the table.


We get it. There’s a lot to like about this platform. If you’re a loyal user, too, we’d like to offer some follow recommendations. Here are just a few of the people we think are especially good at Twitter.


Jen Sincero 

Jen is a bestselling author and motivational speaker, and her tweets are likely to press pause on your worries and put a spring in your step. We could all use that these days, right?

A great recent tweet:


Guy Kawasaki

Guy is an author, venture capitalist, and marketing specialist. He shares compelling content and promotes his podcast, “Remarkable People.”

A great recent tweet:


Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy is a model, cook, and TV personality, but she’s also a huge Twitter success. Her feed is all about dry humor, delicious food, and making fun of herself and the very notion of celebrity. 

A great recent tweet:


Gordon Ramsay

Everyone’s favorite hot-tempered celebrity chef is much nicer on his Twitter feed, when he isn’t judging followers’ kitchen creations at their request. Follow him for interesting recipes as well.

A great recent tweet:


Jennifer Preston

Jennifer is a New York Times staff writer. She tweets about politics, current events, and the importance of supporting journalism, often recommending reads to keep yourself informed.

A great recent tweet:


Jim Roberts

Jim is another journalist whose Twitter account is great for compelling news.

A great recent tweet:


Mental Floss

Okay, Mental Floss is technically not one person, but a group of people who provide very interesting Twitter content. Their bio reads “Feel smart.” We think that sums it up perfectly.

A great recent tweet:

Joanne Manaster

Joanne is a scientist educator and advocate for STEM education. Her Twitter feed is full of science book recommendations that will boost your brain power.

A great recent tweet:


Melinda Gates

Melinda uses her rather sizeable platform (did you know she’s on the wealthy side?) to promote her philanthropic and advocacy efforts. The work she does on behalf of girls’ education is especially inspiring.

A great recent tweet:



Again, not one person, but we made an exception because the NASA feed provides such a nice break from… all of this.

A great recent tweet:


Steve Martin

Legendary actor and comedian Steve Martin has a humorous, wholesome Twitter presence guaranteed to make you smile.

A great recent tweet:


Tim Siedell

Tim is a screenwriter who tweets wry observations and perfect puns. What else do you need?

A great recent tweet:


Mindy Kaling

Mindy is a writer, actress, producer, and bubbly personality who infuses Twitter with a great mix of witty and heartfelt content.

A great recent tweet:


Hopefully, these recommendations can bring your Twitter experience to a whole new level. If you’re short on time, maybe just follow Oprah. Oprah is never a mistake.