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My First National Cover

I don’t mean this to sound boastful – really; I don’t – but my career has given me some pretty cool opportunities. I’ve interviewed well-known people, been on TV and radio, written a children’s book, styled a cover shoot for Miss Universe, etc. Pretty cool, right? So you’d think I’d be all ‘been there/done that’ at this… Read more »

7.14.2014: I made a marketing faux pas!

Realistically, the reason Kain DeFoe Communications exists is because business owners are too busy doing business to keep up on the marketing and social media updates they know they need to do. So I take care of it for them. You’d think that someone who is constantly harping about the importance of marketing and social media would realize when their own… Read more »

5.21.2014: Content Marketing – What’s the point?

Well, the point is to grow your business. That’s fairly obvious. I wrote ​about the ‘social soft sell’ a couple of months ago. Social media outlets and your website are where that soft sell, and content marketing, happen. Rather than taking an ad out in a magazine and waiting for the phone to ring, you engage potential clients by providing an… Read more »

3.26.2014: The Social Soft Sell

Part of my schtick when I’m attempting to explain content marketing to my clients is that ‘it’s not about selling this product at this moment; it’s about being part of the conversation.’ If you sell snow shovels but no one needs a snow shovel at the very moment you run an ad, you’ve lost them forever. But if you’re continually… Read more »

10.24.2103: My Cheese is Moving .

I started a business. Of course the first thing I had to do was actually market myself. Luckily I read Who Moved My Cheese all those years ago. Had I not, I might not have listened to the younger, dare I say wiser, people at Lighthouse Media Solutions. I knew from the get-go that a website was critical. I also knew I had… Read more »

10.24.2013: Why good photography matters.

The images on the left were professionally styled (by me!) and professionally photographed. The images shown on the right lack any sign of life (I won’t even begin to comment on the missing appliance and the open commode). Great photos, like the two on the left, highlight the project and entices the viewer by offering the sense of a captured moment. They also entice people to regard companies that… Read more »